Why is it difficult to confess?

Love feels like a trap. Love is an emotional connection between the two, inevitable souls, together or apart.
Nature has its own unique way to pave the lights and indicate you, about your love. Sometimes, increasing heartbeat, an unpredictable dream, or say the glimpses of past remembrance. All has the power to convey about the feeling that person you love is going through.
You feel, you conquer, you try to avoid and then fail again and again in your attempts to forget your love.
Because Loved once is love forever.
Love is naive. It makes you go weak at times. It makes you experience the worst phase of your life. But Love is magical. It makes you who you are, a better human being. A good Lord’s creation.
Confessing about your feelings isn’t hard. Will just take a strong moment to let it out from your heart and head. But the fear of rejection makes you upset and sad. “What if” and “why not” will stop you from doing so.

Aren’t you sad and depressed about the words your hiding in your heart and wanna scream out loud? This is giving rise ro slow process of dying. Difficult and painful. Confessing what’s in your heart will make it clear. Few moments amd your soul is saved and freed from the undue worries and negative thoughts. Which is hampering your life, each day slowly and smoothly, marking your root towards darkness.

Love is Magical, it will heal. It will lead to things which never happened. It will make your life worth living. It will change you in a better way. It will bring closer to Lord and heaven. Those who love go to heaven.

Confess your Love and make your life easier to live.



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