It’s not about a rose.

Single rose from you,
Years back made me go crazy for you.
Starting days for our relationship,
But you never missed any chance to show your love.

You wanted to make it different and memorable,
So you gave me levels of roses at different intervals of time that day,
Remember that smile on my face,
When from white to yellow and then to pink and then the red rose you offered me at the end of the day.

The petals of roses made that afternoon remarkably romantic,
Do you remember???
We shared ourselves to each other and
made us go more close in that summer.

Roses always had a strange power to make us fall in love again and again,
It always was a reason to make our attachments more strong.
So why don’t you gift me few roses again???
Make me again fall in love with you.
I wanna embrace you again with that smile,
Which came when u gifted me a rose of divine.


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