I don’t know how to live.

“Do you really feel your living in this world??? I mean fake world????”
I mean seriously think about it,
When ppl say “good morning”, do they really mean that your morning should be good. “How are you???”, do they reallly wanna know how you are today.
And many more such things.
I wanna shout out loud when I get frustrated with things but I am taught to be cool, breath in and out and try to relax.
I wanna cry screaming from the core of my heart when I feel sad but I am taught to forget about it and fix a smiling mask.
Why are we doing all these fake things, fake emotions and fake self???
Whom are we showing that we have the best of life, when we have no idea where our life is heading to???

Many times we are made realize that we should care for each once feeling and emotions when making any decision for self, where say our parents will be ready for it, our sibling will be affected by it and the BIGGEST things, what will people think about it????

Why the hell we SHOULD worry about all these things when I wanna live my life on my words and vision?
I know we should consider about our family and that’s right, we should. But we can make them understand or convince or manipulate so even they are happy and even I get what I want from my life???
Am I wrong in this???
Life is a game…!!!, we have heard this alot so lets play it on our consequences and rules.

I seriously don’t know how to live in this fake world,
Where peope dress up a big fake self every morning and smile, behave odd and as if they are monotonously habituated with it, it become like a ritual.
If one follows, everyone will follow.
With whom are we racing with???
Smiling to the ones whom you wanna slap,
Ignoring the ones whom you love,
Laughing when actually you wanna cry your heart out,
Struggling with everything when you wanna fuck up all and live with peace,
And many more…
I am dying in this fake world,
I don’t know to live here….!!

I am not been rude or putting my thoughts on anybody but we have to come out of this fake dress and show our real skin to the world,
The way we actually are,
The way we are born….
The way we want to live…!!
That will be true living.

Wish you all the courage to follow our heart and live the real life you’re convincing not to, to come out and live it’s way…


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