Broken divine.

Post visarjan,Mumbai

Found him at the shore,
Edges into the sand,
Broken and disrupted,
Shedded sparkle of his painted skin.
I was terrified to receive him there,
In such a abolished condition,
Along with many other screams.
Tears rolled to see what we do in the name of rituals.
We praise,
And put all are faith in him.
Waving him away in the water trumped aloud,
Nature pushes him back to us with the same drouse.
This is not him, just the carved body in with sand… That’s fair enough to give them back to us.
This end up Polluting the environment and demolishing the serene of blue stretches.
Lord Ganpati symbolic of prosperity and new hope to live anything new.
Than why,
The same old thoughts,
The same old methods,
Lets think all different,
And make a persistent change to this.

“Think different, think the eco-friendly way, the way he will be happy to see us care about the nature he created. Celebrate and bring him home every year but think something innovative, so he can go back completely blessing us, without been broken and sad.”

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