You will never tell me, right???

All your words inside your heart,
Just seal it forever in there.
I wanna be with you again,
However you seemed to not bother, that’s fair.
So keep it hidden like the secrets of love ever was,
You never gonna tell me that you love me forever, right?


When your voice states the pain,
You carry in your heavy chest,
You avoid it by been cool either,
But there is within a deep crest.
I do feel those vibes even now,
I do feel your instincts somehow.
I don’t know what’s your secret is,
But I know you never really gonna tell me that you love me now.

Those butterflies still crawls over me,
Those cuddling up with you still elicits my senses.
Our love,
Our kisses,
Our talks,
Our stuffs,
Still so clear in me hoping to get back soon someday.
But I know you never gonna tell me you love me still,
Don’t know whats that big secret your carrying in your heavy heart.


Trust me again,
Keep faith in my love,
I will be there for you always,
We start all over again and can try to be perfectly in love ans happy again.
You can let your heart speak,
Just let it blow out,
Just let that secret break,
So our love can be concurred and rise again…

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