Mumbai Local

Pc:-Swapnil Trimbake

Just few hours ago,
I was pushed inside,
Crumbled all around,
Suffocating my lungs.
When you can’t turn, step,
A step of your choice…
Your in Mumbai Local, my dear.

Smashing eachother,
Walking insanely to get in,
Where climbing in is as struggling as getting out of the door…
Your in Mumbai Local, my dear.

Hanging at the gate feels as amazing as and as deadly to invite to death,
Fighting and winning the arguments is as important as to prove your good at living,
If you feel, you can’t interrupt in any fight,
Your in Mumbai Local, my dear.

Making friends is as easy as adding list of enemies,
Sharing daily issues and verbally abusive words is everyday act,
If your everyday starts with such abusive words daily,
Your in Mumbai Local, my dear.

Try building many more spacious,
Try adding few more blocks,
The population increase is double directly proportional to the number of blocks,
If you still can get into these blocks without any voluntary efforts,
Your in Mumbai Local, my dear.

Even with all difficulties and issues,
It is the lifeline of Mumbai,
If you are a mumbaikar,
You’ll have to Mumbai Local.
Or if some day you fall in love with it,
It will our Mumbai Locals, my dear.

We stop if it stops,
We will end up doing nothing, if it hault even a single day.
So, we need to love Mumbai Local…:-)

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