You are my hero- FATHER.

Pc: kartik patani

You are my hero, Dad.
The way you held me,
When I was born.
The way you carried me,
On your shoulders all along.
You were tired till the dawn,
But you stroked my feets to release your pain.
You brought me princess dresses,
Eventhough, you wore rugged pairs for years.
You are hero, Dad.
For everytime you were there for me.
In all the dreams, you made it go real.
In every thought, you made it go free.
Whatever my heart desired,
You made it come true.
You are my hero, Dad.
For all the little things you do.
I may find my prince charming one day,
But you will always be the king of my heart…!!!

Happy Father’s Day… My Papa…
And to all daddies in the world…!!!

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