Don’t be a Puppet.


Say, “NO”*** to what you don’t like,
Be what you wanna be.
Do what you think us right,
Like a puppet don’t just be…
Following commands,
Doing what they say,
Nodding heads,
Is not what you have to do always.
Speak up,
Be propulsive,
Trust your instincts,
Put hope in your dreams.
Listen to everyone,
Take their advice,
Register there prospects,
Do what you feel is right.
Don’t be a puppet,
To smile when they smile,
To walk when they walk,
To dance when they dance.
Don’t be a puppet,
Smile when you feel like,
Walk where ever you want,
Dance when you desire,
Sing out aloud…
Just don’t be a puppet,
Live your own life, as you want…!!!

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