It’s about to complete…

I always wanted to write,
I wrote many stuffs abouts you,
Since the first line I stated,
It went always for you…
Thinking about you,
Your glimpse of past,
Everything I knew is done,
Feeling empty within to continue.
Few last chapters,
Then the story will be done,
Or is the phase which will end,
And one day, you will return.
Trying to figure out,
What end can make it go perfect,
You and me were past,
How should it end, is just what lasts.
You can make my book perfect,
If you return back soon,
My chapters are remaining,
Waiting for your arrival in this rainy noon.
Let it rain again,
Let your heart free again,
Let it revert back in such a way,
That my book ends with a fairy tale….


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