Between the edges.

Days of self-resistance,
Moments in self-conflicts,
When my heart heads towards you,
I screem myself to stop.
Will you ever realize this,
I cannot hault dreaming about you…
No more confessions to make,
Just one thing to state,
I love the way you ignore,
You peep me with eyes core,
Your smile reflects on your lips,
When you see me smiling too…
I love the way you ignore,
Since years and days to snore,
You glance towards me though,
But walk away when noted,
And say that you didn’t know.
I love the way you ignore,
Because somewhere my heart still loves you too….
Between the edges of hatred and care,
I know somewhere you love me,
You love me like yesterday…
The gaps between us,
Is till so close as we left years ago.
You just need to step head, the step you had taken a back,
Since I am standing there…

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