There is that one crush in everyone’s life, they will never forget…

“The winds blowing my flicks,
The day is shining bright,
My smile suddenly gets fix,
Setting everything alright.
Admiring him each day since then,
I have made myself so attached to him,
He is not aware but still he hold some place in my brain.
I know I don’t love him,
It not either I dislike him,
No matter how much I deny,
His mere thought makes me alive,
He is that one crush in my life,
Will never be able to forget…”

So from the very first day, I saw him. He was so deeply and clearly captured in my eyes that the vision is still so transparent of that day…. He is my that one crush. I won’t be able to forget…
I am sure in everyone’s life,definitely their is that one crush…
You smile thinking about them,
You fall in love all over again,
You forget your worries when you remember about them,
Let it pass to any future time,
Their name you read, hear or see anywhere will make you think about them.
You are dying for them but you smile that moment of living when you think about them and you will always remember them….like forever.

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    1. jyoti7208 says:

      Its true…!!! Dat means 🙂 thanku so much..


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