It’s my Ex boyfriend’s birthday today…!

As the clock said, “12”
I wanted to wish him,
Thinking if it will be just a formality call onnhis Birthday…
After thinking and concluding that its better to call him then make my mind n heart go insane thinking alone, calling will hardly make a difference in either of our life.
At 10:23 am, I called him from Nivi, my roommate’s phone so it be easier to disconnect if he isn’t another side.
As the ringing stopped, it was a voice, I took time to notice it was him when he said, ” Hello, Jyoti… this is you??? Say”

It was weird that he knew me by only a word I had said, “HELLO”.
Wished him…

imageI wished him for luck, prosperity and good healthy future.
With the normal general talks, he all invaded in, he wanted to know about me, he wanted to tell everything about him,
It felt as if only waited for my call to let everything out from him mind, but from heart??? I wasn’t sure.
It hardly made any difference to me.

We laughed, we smiled, my eyes even shed few drops in his memories, it made me feel alive after so long.

Only wishing on birthdays, was left in between us,
Another talk might be after exactly next 9 months, on my birthday.

It was stupid but that is what little love and attachments left between us.

Even after knowing,  we miss each other at times, we smile thinking about us, it makes us feel living but I don’t want him to be back in life.
Stupid things lead to an end in our relationships…. he remains the same.

I moved on in real way…on his birthday…!!!

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  1. mohit tiwari says:

    U wr lucky that atleast he recognised u, my ex. Didn’t even cared to reply a thank u msg…..:-) 🙂 😀


    1. jyoti7208 says:

      Ya I hope dis happiess doesn’t comes in anyone’s life…. as it is the worst feeling man. Like u want to be that person n he is just talking normally with u but wit a boundary of moving on… n if u feel this is luck.. I am lucky but this luck doesn’t favors me around…
      N don’t feel bad about it… u did wished right? ? So u did ur work n let her be with her life.. just smile and live.. 🙂 🙂
      God bless you….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mohit tiwari says:

        yeah i know… anyway thanks..


      2. jyoti7208 says:

        Good morning…
        And your welcome..
        God bless,


      3. mohit tiwari says:

        Good morning..
        Have a nice day.


      4. mohit tiwari says:

        Good morning..
        Have a nice day


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