Confabulation of thoughts.

A plausible yet imaginary memory, 
Ended up filling my gaps of thought since years.
You were no real with a false scenery,
It was no lies but a confabulation of my thoughts dear.
It was not intentional and will never will,
But I have no you, your unreal world makes me feel true.
It’s annoying, if you’ll know you will be trill,
But believe me if I say, they seems all real even with no clue.
All the memories, I created of my own,
To fill the empty gaps, to make my life happily alive.
Everything happened all these years,
Never had believed, that it will be all such a big unreal lies.
I hope you were true with no illusions,
You are alive and breathing real and with no hallucinations of mine.
May be the moments were all created in by me,
But the imaginary image of you was true as sun’s shine.





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