“Friends”, will always be friends…!

Once a Friend,
Will always be friends,
It may grow deeper with time,
But will never have any ends.

From the tender age friendship,
Till the grownups in life,
We always wanted to be together,
Weren’t so much crazies even with all our fights?

The classes,
The lectures,
The funniest talks and
The craziest thoughts,
We were just living out bests,
But never realised how they turned into beautiful memories,
To cherish till the life rests.

So many years passed and we just turned out to be strange,
Lets get together again,
Just like so few years ago,
To get wet again in the monsoon heavy rain.

Forgetting the misunderstanding,
Forgiving the rudes,
Clearing the ego’s and grudges,
Lets make new friendship again.

Because I know you miss me,
The way I miss you too,
Lets give ourselves a new chance,
As we were friends best together amongst very other few.


” Friendship is the strongest relationship which is divine, love, relationship is all what is written in our destiny and fate,  but our friendship is the only relationship, we are free to choose and be with forever and ever…. and I choose you’ll…!”

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Keep writing friend.

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    1. jyoti7208 says:

      Dats sweet of you… words like these, encourages me to write… so thank you so much… for this…
      Jyoti 🙂


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