Main heer bangayi, ranjha bina…

Tere intazaar mein,
Din kaat ti hai…,
Katti na raate…
Tere naal ishq karke mein,
Sab chain kho gaya…,
Kho ya na beeti baate…

ashiq banke roye…
Rab hi jane,
Aisa bhi kyu hoye…(2)

Tere deedar mein……,
Haay main heer bangayi,
Ranjha bina…
Haay mein heer bangayi,
Raanjha bina…

Sare, sudh budh bhi khoyi,
Tere naal,
Dil jo lagayi.
Sare, rashto bhi bhulaye,
Tere naal,
Waade jo nibhaye…

Tu hi nahi,
Kyu tu bana,

Tere intaar mein,
Haay mein heer bangayi,
Raanjha bina…
Haay mein heer bangayi,
Raanjha bina…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. yuvrajjadeja says:

    beautiful song…


    1. jyoti7208 says:

      Ohh just newly trying on tuning this… thankyou so much.. it means a lot to me..
      God wishes,


      1. yuvrajjadeja says:

        my pleasure jyoti…

        your words are good… a good composition can enhance its beauty

        like you, i’ve also written some songs n have composed them too. two of them have been recorded for an album. & most of all my songs are in gujarati.

        keep it up…. god bless you 🙂


      2. jyoti7208 says:

        Ohh thankyou so much.. n vl surly try doin dem and all d best for your life.
        🙂 I appreciate…!

        Liked by 1 person

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