10 Things you may not know about Physical Therapy.

1.Using video games,researchers and medical professionals have found that they can push patient harder and help them to enjoy therapy more. over 50 video games have been used to help people with stroke rehabilitation, cerebral palsy paralysis, spinal cord and brain injuries.video games like Walking Improvement, Wario Ware:Smooth Moves, We Ski, Guitar Hero, Arm and Hand Therapy,Brain Age, Therapy tiles, Bodypad, Wll Tennis, Wll Baseball, VR Rehab, Mario Party and many more like this.

2.” NO PAIN, NO GAIN”is always true. Most of the time, exercise and treatment should be pain-free.

3. When Physical Therapist tells you they are going to massage a muscle, it may not feel like the nice relaxing massage you get at the spa. Massage performed in therapy is to decrease the tightness and tone and to improve the mobility of the specific muscle that may be very inflamed or the source of joint pain.

4. If you tell your therapist an exercise is easy, they will most likely make it harder. and if you tell them you can’t do the exercise, they will find a way to ensure you can do that.

5. Therapist alone cannot diminish your symptoms.Physical therapy is successful only when the patient and the therapist work together on  making a treatment plan in order to meet the patient’s goals.

6.In most states, you can be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist without seeing your doctor first.

7. Physical therapy can treat vertigo.It can be treated in as little as one session by the physical therapist.

8.Physical therapy is advancing in fast pace and have a various further doctorate degrees and specialization, which now gaining great demands all over the world.

9. Following small changes made by your physical therapist in your daily routine can save you from various health related problems physically and also mentally.

10.” Only you(patients) can make it happen” is what the therapist believe while treating patient, encouraging and giving the support system to achieve the desired plan.


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