Philophobia or Agliophobia???

Is it the fear of LOVE ?



Is it  the fear of PAIN?


fears of hurt and love

Avoidance of affection,

Neglecting to be drained again.

Failure of last love,

Trauma of the heart-break,

All residing inside the heart,

May this phobia grow deep and lame.

Let it fly away,

From your pity mind,

Once hurt by someone,

Will not let you again fall in love with pain.

Keep up hope,

Keep welcoming love and smiles,

It might fail twice-trice,

But your life has a happy endings.

Giving life, again a chance,

To cherish and feel that love is just hurt-less,

Let yourself get proved wrong,

By living happily ever after in love with happiness.

meaning of fear

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