Let Hope Rise & Darkness Tremble.

Morning lazy sun,
Each day arrives on time,
Let the night moon be stubborn though,
Spreading the rays around is no crime.

Slimly laser beam,
Crosses the darkness with a flee,
Even with the narrowest way,
The spark of light shines bright away.

Betrayed shredder love,
Captivates plenty of souls,
Let the hatred be cruel sharp as knife,
The passion of love fades the heartless away.

Crushed hopeless thoughts,
Still struggling to rise ahead,
Let the trust and faith be more stronger,
So the hopes rises and the darness trembles down again…



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  1. 3.)within the negitively effect it, others repair it, To the very best of power they have.


    1. jyoti7208 says:

      This is the power of nature with in us… and around.. anything negative can be lightened and spread into positivity…
      God bless,


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