I am in Love…

Feeling alive,
Appealing in all the aspect,
A new me is born within me,
I am loving to be better what expected.
Feeling amazing,
Smiling in all ways I can plead,
The spark is identified in me,
My smile concur the world I wanna lead.
Feeling a new attitude,
The new attitude is running in me,
An attitude towards life is changed,
Along with the attire of self towards me,
Feeling a cute sence of living,
Cuteness pleases all the hearts away,
Let the undeserved one’s be shallow,
Feeling proud for what I became with their rudeness and ignorant ways…

I am in love,
In love again…
But this time it’s forever,
As forever il be with my own self…
In love with myself,
So peaceful feeling it is,
Smilings have no reasons now,
Its just a carve on lips for daily living… :))))


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