5 stages to be Happy.

1.Happiness is a choice,
It’s not an option left for you.
Learn to love youself flawless,
Excepting the things as there are few.

2. Happiness is letting things go,
Nothing stays forever except your soul,
Be ready to pass by many things,
Everything you can’t have what you adore.

3. Happiness is loving yourself the most,
You gradually turn to be strong,
Leading the life with contentment,
You will definitely see sadness once gone.

4. Happiness is being true,
Real to the world and yourself,
Smiling affordably and effortlessly,
Will make world a better place for you.

5. Happiness is sharing smiles,
Let people around know your happy,
Laugh out loud when you feel,
This will you find your own self,
Which was hidden in midest sea…


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