They smile with innocence,
The true emotions carved.
No face of marks,
They are so purely draft.

They work differently,
They play with all their heart.
No logical boundaries,
They are so beautifully craft.

They love to dance,
The music touches them hard,
Such emotional and cheerful act,
They are so magically d’art.

They act differently,
They are differentially abled part,
Such a wonderful creation of nature;
We may not be their life’s part,
But they are definitely are life’s part.

They learn,
They try,
They never let us down.
They smile,
They laugh,
They are the small diamonds of world’s crown.


Disabled people and children are not cursed with disabilities but “THEY ARE JUST DIFFRENTIALLY ABLE…”

Pls do share this…
“Let’s be the change,
The change we want to see around”.
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