Chronological changes…

We sometimes fail to perceive,
That changes are always for best
In the phase of grumbling,
We rather get focused on the rest.

Turned into an responsible girl,
From the cudding baby,
I learned to fulfill my roles,
When others played with the tabbies.

I moulded into a loving and faithful lover,
When my love got accepted by him,
He made me a lady handling chaos,
When others got upset for their rims.

I turned independent,
When I moved away for habitats,
He left me with disapproval,
Tears made me strong and more compatible.

When I lived alone in distance,
Cherishing the givings from lord,
Some friends left me to be self dependant,
I became one with my own self.

In the chronological passing days,
Everything that changed,
Changed for betterments,
And set my soul freed…


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