Awakened soul


I can feel it,
It gets filtered from my body,
Like the escape from the midst,
It get dripped apart from my core.

It’s wandering around,
It never really slept,
Feeling the silence of the sleeping world,
Everything is drained to it’s depth.

Peaceful and dreaming,
Reality denies to be real for me,
I am wandering after I sleep,
So I can feel myself within me.

No complains and grudges,
Just satisfied with what I got,
My heart and mind came in control,
Now how should I control my soul…???

Glimpse of the nightlife,
I feel so myself here,
I never wanna get attached to the real world,
I find so close to divine and near.

My awakened soul,
Busy happy in it’s dreaming shore,
Let the skins resides forever,
Set free my soul; so il have to return to this masked world never….

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