Rain on Me…

Even when it’s raining and pouring,
Why the sun is brightly shining on me???
Even when I want be drizzling,
Why rain stops raining on me???


It’s showering outside in street,
I gaze to the plenty of drops fall,
Stepping out in the rain to meet,
Just to drain out my painful soul…


I let my hand reach to feel first,
It sensed me smiling and free,
And it reducing it’s intensity level,
Leaving me slightly wet in thee…


The nature playing tricks with me,
As I reach out for rains,
It stops drizzling and
End up with few dew drains…


Rain on me thee,
Let my soul be clear,
I wanna get washed away with your blessings,
Let me decor within your shear.

Rain on me thee,
I please you this time,
Plenty of patience invaded in me,
Now let the emotions get lightened and free from all done crime…

One Comment Add yours

  1. Aadi shetty says:

    Nice yaar..
    has a feeling in every words..thats the main strenght of a writer..
    Good going..really appreciated..


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