Persistent is greater than power…

Learned from the childhood story,
Of a hare and a turtle,
The turtle won the race,
Not because of abilities but continuity…

We offen make a target,
Than skip it after few tries,
Forgetting the fact that in life,
“We achieve only at the moment, we are crashed but still keep on trying…

We admire the tiny little creature,
Struggling to hunt it’s meal,
Falling several times on its path,
But they never change their route.

We see the birds flying high,
Inspire to fly even for at least a day,
But it’s not their strength which floats them high,
But the continuity of thier wings leads them up the sky.

Even the universe favors the man,
Who is persistent to his goal,
The one may have power to built up the castle,
But the persistent hard work will fill it’s dreams upto its core…


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