The rewinding travel

When I cross the lanes,
I was once travelling with you,
Your hands in my hand,
In real, only memories left few.
Each street makes me smile,
Thinking of the way we laughed,
Slightly pain wooing in throat,
The tears indicate how much we were in love.
The passionate ride,
The heavy raining nights,
The forever long kisses,
Are all that crossing my sights.
The same cloudy weather,
The same old street,
Making it difficult for me,
To accomplish it walking again.
Let the wind blow harshly,
So you can need me as a blanket,
Let the clouds pour heartedly,
So you can remember my presence again.
The words ends in few lines,
But the emotions within exceed,
Where ever I walk now alone,
Its the rewinding travel that will always precede….!!


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