Don’t you think

Just a simplified thought,
Don’t you think about me anymore,
All the memories of love we had,
Have you still closed your heart’s door.

A chance to get you back,
Get you back in my soul,
Let me know that u miss me too,
So I can regularly make you cal.

Time has healed each wounds,
Lets together remove the scars,
I will help you to over our differences,
Just come back to never go far.

I give you a chance to explain,
For the reason you moved apart,
Don’t you think your dead without me,
As someone has poke on heart a dart.

Stop nonsensical things you do,
Il except you without any word,
Don’t you think you love me still,
Just need to wash away the little mud.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. adarsh shetty says:

    Really very nice…


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