Can you’ll help me pls…??

       It has been months I broke up with him. He left me alone n dan never returned. The love inside me just died than. N today am again thinking, smiling with fear n tears in eyes…  what’s this???
       His memories get related in my daily life but it never affected me by any mean, only upto some extent in some of the situations.  But I am going well after that.

And than “A” came. A is a person I met few weaks ago. He makes me smile, cares for me, is sweet, tough and understanding.
      He knows my whole past, he knows everything,  he knows my fear, he is also aware of my strengths.
      He feels, he is lucky to have me in his life n wishes to have me forever in his life….

      But is that really true????
I never felt, he is fake with whatever he say. My heart never felt.
And now, the love in me is questioning me, the reason to be still even after knowing that, ” yes, I am really n can be happy with him. He is just too perfect for me.”
      But the fear stops me. Makes me go num with the feel.

I can’t get into it right???
I had promised myself for waiting for him(past love) till I can???
How can I love anyone again after going through all that in past???
N the biggest question, should I actually get in this love n relationship stuffs????

Should I wait for him with whom I was happy n all sort of emotions with nothing knowing, whether he will return or its just an illusion? ???
Or should I be with this person whom I am happy with in the present???

      ;Guys what do ul feel about this kind of situations, where one’s principles are important or once feeling????

        What will you choose if you life give you two cases; your principles of life on one hand and your feelings and happiness on other????

19 thoughts on “Can you’ll help me pls…??

  1. First of all..
    Have u told me about dis..?
    And sec. Who is dis A..? 😀
    so basically i would say If i was at your place.. I would have waited for my love till I die,But.. if she deserve that..
    Now u have to decide do he deserve or not..
    If not then just move on yar..
    Who knows is he moved with his life.?

  2. You should move on with ur “A” guy.
    becoz if he know ur whole past, and keep u happy and care for u and love u, then say yes to this “A” , u also have right to live ur life..
    past is past, why r u think abt the guy who left u alone and made u cry..
    And just listen to ur heart..

  3. Hello Jyoti I believe life is our best teacher and it teaches us lot more than books do, Love is such a medicine we urge to have a taste of it when we are lonely and in want of love. One past mistake does not end everything, we should learn to move ahead in life because one who goes hardly returns and I know it very well, as a friend I advice you that your present Mr. A ( who is loving, caring and most importantly he loves you after knowing your past) is the best person who can bring happiness and smile to your broken heart, so just go ahead and accept him you will not regret. I hope you understand my suggestion and not only me Siddharth Shukla the star and hero of BV has also read your poems and he has also choosen “A” to be perfect for you, he could not reply or comment to you because of some problem in email Id and many more has also choosen “A” to be perfect for you, so close your eyes and listen to your heart, I am sure you will get your “A”nswer.

    1. hie, Sayani..
      first of all, m really surprised to see your such a long and encouraging and guild-full words. and thank you so much for each and every word you have said. they really mean a lot to me. .
      now, i would like to tel u tel u that yes, whatever the past may be but with being with this Mr A. i realized he is far more better for me and my believe of love. he is too good and i will not b able to handle the love and care he does… to its extreme level. so for now, we are together but as a good friend and the best part.. he understands me over here also..
      so m relaxed and happy now..
      do visit again and i hope i keep up your words and put out efforts to never let readers like you’ll down.. 🙂

  4. This message is from Siddharth Shukla ” one of your fan has send me the link to read..and i also read all the poems..
    Mine fav was destiny and bachpan..
    And toral’s was i love u and destiny..

    1. hey am really amazed to see this….
      tel him i just love his character in BV and i really admire him. and thanks for your praises.. it’s my pleasure, my words are liked by people like you’ll.. thank you so much.. bcos all these means alot to me.

  5. So this is ur story.
    I read this before at a group..
    According to me, you should chosse mr.”A”..
    Becoz u can easily get the person whom u love, bt its difficult to get the person who love u..listen to ur heart..
    And u said abt past, bt its nt really easy to forget the past, bt sometym god had written ur destiny (as ur poem) so i think “A” is in ur destiny, thats y u got him in ur lyf..
    And all the poems r really beautiful..

    1. I hope I get out of this confusions soon… n il take care of ur advice and remember your words..
      Thank you so much for everything u said and also read..
      Hope we be in contact.. do visit again..
      God bless you…
      Take care.

  6. I specially suggest to move on with “a”.
    Its difficult for u to forget all that things, bt u told all this things to “a” and he excepted all that things.
    and if still he is with u, then u r lucky seems like a movie, bt if its a real he must the god gift for u..
    Best of luck for the future.

  7. I specially suggest to move on with “a”.
    Its difficult for u to forget all that things, bt u told all this things to “a” and he excepted all that things.
    and if still he is with u, then u r lucky seems like a movie, bt if its a real he must the god gift for u..
    Best of luck for the future.

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