The End.

No happy ending,
No happily living ever after,
You made a choice to leave me,
With a smile and lil bit laughter.
You declared me this,
Setting my heart fix,
Till I smiled all the way,
Memories will be preserved in a mist.
Looking at you,
I kept smiling,
Hiding the bleed inside,
I knew its ending.
You backing up stay,
I didn’t even pleaded to do,
I know; I can make you come back,
But it’s not the way I want to.
We left along together,
For the last time I think,
Resting my heavy head on your shoulder,
I wanted to end up like this for ever.
No hopes this time,
No more wishes to make you come.
I made a choice now,
You never deserved the love I had done.

9 thoughts on “The End.

      1. Everyone around is a wandering in some or other land with his or her desires getting clashed with reality… and even am amongst you

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