I am feeling sad.. :(

I am feeling sad,
I am feeling upset,
Heart depressed,
Mind is not in set.
Random fear flashes,
You no more care,
All the memories lies,
Deep down still in my eyes.
Stressing the things,
Between you and me,
Missing the young life,
Just turn back and see.
Have you ever thought?
Have you ever noticed?
Love is turning its sides,
Am really so much worried?
Understanding you,
Understanding the situations,
Is that you feel I am not worth??
Or its just an infatuations??
Answer., tel me why?
Let me know the reasons far,
Giving you all time you may need,
Come back with happy hours..:)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. soumyav says:

    hey Jyoti! being on your blog after ages!Hope all is fine.. This is a touching piece..


    1. jyoti7208 says:

      Ya its really been a along time I have see you maam. Hope u in your best of health. Thank you so much for your words. Its always been special n encouraging. Hope to see you again and again and guide me as you always do. 🙂


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