One has to walk alone.


Till when will you hold me??
Now, for few moments or forever.
Till when will you be beside me??
Nothing last forever.

Promises expires with the winds of time,
Togetherness departs with distant,
Connection decreases with the flow,
I am left alone with an instant.

Its my path, my choice, my way,
Till when can you guild me along,
Each and every person in his life,
At least once have to walk alone.

To reach the heights,
To cross the shores,
One have to stuggle with once’s self,
To get from life something more.

Even in cries, even in pain,
One have to keep walking,
On the empty wide lane.

Each one busy in their lives,
No one will ever be in needs,
As you step on the path towards success,
One have to walk alone with good deeds.

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