Confusions in my “♥”.

Words floating around,
In and out of my ears,
Thoughts rising up down,
Filling the heart with fear.

Attached heartbeats,
Love is all my heart needs,
His love is the only thing,
That makes me go greed.

Just a thought for the persons,
Who brought me life,
They won’t be happy,
On the day I became your wife.

Their dreams to bridal me,
Will kill them to and fro,
I will turn the luckiest to marry you,
But making them forever go low.

Such a confusion,
Making me go mad,
At once I feel like running away far,
And not to turn either bad.

Living beautifully in the present,
I think, Is it only solution,
With time if situations arrive deadly,
Will face without fear and with heart,
And surely get some conclusions.


2 Comments Add yours

    1. jyoti7208 says:

      Good morning….
      Just written whats my heart feels:) Thanks.


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