$choo| Da¥s.

Morning school bells,
And we were still at the gate,
Walking in our talks,
We offen used to arrive late.

Teacher’s shouts,
Pleasing her in all ways,
Laughing a loudly,
As soon as she turns her back.

Standing outside class,
Feeling so proud,
When friends came at last.

Group talking,
Eating together in breaks,
Roaming around in lectures,
If got, we used to turn innocence.

Fighting for nonsense,
Than apologising in between class,
Showing all the attitude than,
Was the cutest things never lasts.

Missing school buildings,
And the corridors,
Missing school friends,
Life’s turned so boring,
Without you’ll.
Missing the breaks,
Shared tiffin-boxes,
Missing all smiles,
We together shared.
Missing the naughtiness,
We used to do amongst us,
Missing the school days,
Wanna grow once again with you’ll.

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