Unforgettable night.

Walking on the sand,
Crossing the lane,
Making footprints of “you and me”,
Taking me to the shore.
Arms around,
Glancing the sitting sun,
Stars twinkling up there,
Fill the soul with peace and quietness.

On the way back; riding along,
Dinner with perfection,
Was served on the night,
Adding with contentment,
With a small candle light,
Burning till the end,
Spreading love and pride.

Dressed up in black,
Making my eyes love him,
The decor he had done,
Making my heart once again,
Believe in him.
All the effforts were seen to convince,
To make in trust again,
To make me fall in love again.

Holding him in arm,
I washed my soul in and out,
All the pain drained away,
And complaints were spelled from mouth.
Each day and night he left away,
Each moment I died alone,
Everything was cried out,
And the heart was again real and crowned.

His tears showed his realisation,
His efforts proved his love,
All the hatred he had given me,
Once again turned into love.


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