Stranger??? Or he was an Angel.

With an known destiny,
There came a company,
To be with me in help,
And to make me forget the feel of lonely.
He saw me at tha platform,
And moved towards me,
Meeting a stranger first time,
I tried to sense the situation,
Should I meet him freely.
It started with an “Hi”,
And ended four hours of talks,
He made me feel so comfortable,
I forgot all my worries and mocks.
His eyes mesmerizing,
I avoided to fall into them,
Its power of capivating me,
Still couldn’t be forgotten.
He seems like an angel,
Taking away all my pain,
Tears still couldn’t be stopped,
At the end, it all got drained off.
Believe it or not,
It was such a planned destiny,
This time it all went with ease,
As this is what I think,
God is now planning for me.


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