That Boy In Red.


That boy in Red,
I recognise him it seems,
“Yup., He is my friend,”
Now the bond died as dreams.
It never got detached,
It never died as an argument,
Nor it got lost in ignorance,
Was just a matter of contentment.
I sat opposite crossing the lines,
Just opposite to his seat,
Technologies made him so indulged,
That his eyes were stuck on them and our’s couldn’t meet.
I sat there recollecting his name,
The memories shared were clear,
Just had lost the insanity to screem out to him,
Today it all seems so embarrassing and lame.
Days have travelled so far till the second,
Many things have really lost in past,
Fighting each day to built our future,
All such memories will remain till I last.

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    1. jyoti7208 says:

      Thankyou..!! 🙂


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