Stars can’t shine without darkness.

Within me there is a star,
Glooming each day bright,
Rising to capture the space,
Each time it wanna make it’s sight.
Clouds of darkness,
Approching towards the shine,
Trying to engulf it within,
Now it will not shade off it by crying.
Lots of contemplating thoughts,
All that matters is my deeds,
Never losing hope to light high,
Will never be follow anyone and let my self free-ed.
The star will be never be in fightness,
All the hope and good thoughts,
Will lead to rightness,
As, “Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness.”


8 thoughts on “Stars can’t shine without darkness.

    1. Thankyou so much to come across my writing. N taking an effort to like it and following it. M happy to have you in my small bunch of friends…I hv on wp. Pls do visit again. Your words mean alot to me

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