My Daily thought-(9)

“Patience is always been rewarded”…..!!!!!
     It’s been a long time, since my heart was enchanting with happiness.  All things had gone still since the day he had left me alone.
     Even within the darkness, their always stayed hope in me. I prayed each day for the things to get better. Days filled me with enthusiasm later on but nights made me weep all second.
    I kept quiet, stayed patience fory days to grt brightened. After a long wait of 10 months approx. Here he returned with lots of trust and happiness. He seemed different. He was changed. I just hoped the change was for a good reason. His thoughts got eased. His approach towards every situation got enlightened. I was happy now. I smiled after so long. My heart got filled with all the merry thoughts. I wanted to trust him again. I wanted to love him again. N so I did. Without any guilt, I accepted him as he came and apologised.
     Along with him and his presence,  good days returned. I cleared my first year of medical with good grades. Happiness have seem to really being felt and seen. I am overwhelmed.
     Patience have paid it’s rewards. Thanksgiving to the almighty for all the smilea he gave me back. And also for the past days, it made me grow and turned me independent. I know your decision might not make me always happy and bw according to what I desire but at the end I trust you, you’ll give me what I deserve and is best for me.

So Today’s thoughts…,
“Never lose hope, stay positive,
keep patience and it will be rewarded definitely. “


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  1. Always know your heart and remember trust must be earned. He can’t heal y0u only you can do that. Much luck and hugs, Barbara


    1. jyoti7208 says:

      Hmm your so true maam. And yes, this time trust was earned…. n thank you for your praises. With love. God bless.


  2. mayank verma says:



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