My daily thought – (6)

     Its dark and I am still thinking about you. I can’t stop missing you.  Thinking the time we were together.   
     Exams were good and you’ll know I even wrote many extras which wasn’t asked.  But I was a bit satisfied with my writting. 
Loneliness could never let me be alone. Even thought after being engrossed with things, a slight blink and its all him, I can think about the rest of the time.
     And now again its his thoughts and me sitting alone on the edge of my windowsill and feeling the monsoons drips falling on the street. Hmm, there is light poll in front of my eyes standing alone on the road. All people disappeared and it’s left out alone.
    Same like me, all slept and the wait is on.
No cals and no msges… no tries and no efforts made still.  I know am done doing making things to get him back in my present life but it was just the past where I stayed along with him. I could see him driving in a heavy rain and I tightly hugging and holding him from behind. Resting my head on his back and playing with dripping hair with my fingers.
     Its all wet around and yes, even m gine wet with my tears of remembrance.
I couldn’t sleep.

Today’s thoughts….,
“Past can never be erased when it really  y touched our soul and you can never come out of it when your heart desires to be there forever.”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mayank verma says:

    God bless u both..
    Wish u get ur love soon as possible.


    1. jyoti7208 says:

      May it get late, but i hope when it come. comes forever….
      Thanks for your wishes..


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