“Problems are important to live life…”

Walking on the path,
Covered with velvet sheet,
Foot resting softly,
Taking each step with ease.
Within few miles of walk,
It getting all freeze.
Bleeding leg,
With the prick in pain.
Leaving the mark,
To get back the lane.
Blowing breeze,
Hustling your fame.
With efforts moving ahead,
There is totally no shame.
Problems arise,
Difficult it gets to drain.
To fight with such situations,
In the path your trained.
Strumming emotions,
Avoided situations,
Making us strong within,
To face the world’s confusions.
Problems makes us go tough,
There comes a time we just sit and laugh.
It never in life gets solved,
But later makes no sence to get involved.

That’s why it’s said,
“Problems are important than solutions to live life.”

Trust in him

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