Dusty visions,
Crossing across my eyes,
Deep in the darkness,
Can here some loud cries.
Lefts giggling,
Winds creating hunted noise,
Prints of past footsteps,
Seems I have the same size.
Cloudy white,
The girl cudding down the tree,
Tears flowing as if,
Her pains are getting free.
Cuming closer,
I noticed the marks,
Which lying on my arm,
Resembling so similar.
She turned around,
With her teary face,
Shocking me to death,
As it was me in case.
Tied to the palm tree,
She desired freedom,
Handle full of support she needs,
Thats what made me come.
Untying the knot,
Hands I extented to her,
Instead of coming along,
She pulled me toward her.
Gripped tightly,
Unable to face her strength,
Deep down the valley,
I was being pushed then.
With shouts and frights,
I opened my eyes,
This is what I think means Nightmare,
That came tonight in my sight.


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