My daily thought- (1)

You had told me last night you’ll cal me.
Even thought I knew you wouldn’t be able to make it by some or other reasons.  I waited till 11.30 and then kept cel on normal mode with highest frequency. And slept.
Got up at 5 with sudden jurk and scolded myself for not replying for your calls due to deep sleep. I ran to check my mobile phone.  And here I see…. There are no cals nor any msg left. You didn’t called last night I realised. Sadly I returned and lying down on bed,
I realised that may there be reasons for not keeping your words and ditching me like this. But things have really changed And I have to accept the fact.
It’s not just easy to accept this change in our relationship but the cruelty is that I have to even if my heart doesn’t desire off.
Each day with a hope that it will get better but it seems so difficult that its impossible to keep it even normal.

So today’s thought…  “Never give yourself to someone so much that when that person leaves you.., you are left out with nothing but only emptiness. “


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