It’s better to be SINGLE…

Giving your self to someone else,
Doesn’t mean loosing your identity.
Living each day for someone’s happiness,
Doesn’t mean fading your own in dignity.
You love him— I Agree,
You can’t live without— I See,
It’s difficult for you— I Know,
But protect yourself respect wherever you go 》》》

Don’t let him handle your emotions,
May it be any possible solution,
It will never be better like this,
Giving your desires will not make him fixed.
He loves you too— I Believe,
He cares for you— I See,
You can’t except the fact—
I understand,
But forget to see yourself, where do you stand.

Compromising is a different thing,
Changing your self totally doesn’t
makes sense,
If Loving and Understanding is all you gave—–
“It’s better to be single than hurt by someone who doesn’t realize what they have….”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ank!tt says:

    Very true article!! None of my business of course but you may be in some problem in your relationship.I just want to say that talk directly to him and why he behaves like this. Misunderstanding is not good for any relationship. Anyways.. Take care..nd keep writing…


    1. jyoti7208 says:

      Thanks alot for your concerned words. Life sometimes plays with few emotions that even after giving your best it turn out to be different. Still life means trying n thats what am doing…
      Keep visiting and really looking forward for your words and opinions. It matters… take care


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