Essence of life…

Slipped between the fingers,
Trying to collect the past,
In the journey to make a name,
When did something made me smile the last???

Emotions were frequently ignored,
Friends were made to stand aback,
Family’s concerns made no sence,
When did all this took place seems like long time back???

Outings were also postponed,
Pincins were cancelled then,
No enjoyments, no attachments,
When did I unknowingly threw all these things in bin???

As a free soul…,
I am wandering all alone.
Thoughts crossing…,
Memories missed are shown.
Tears of achievements,
Or is it for what I missed???

“In the walks of this competitive world,
These are the essences of life which I failed to kiss…”

“Life is not a matter of milestones,  but of moments…”


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