My subconscious mind..!

The past triggering thoughts,
I wanna erase.
They play with my emtions,
And moves me like a maze.
I ignore them,
I hide them.
Even if it arrives,
I narrow them.
With the open eyes,
I can avoid.
As the sleep stuck,
My subconscious mind stricks.
It thinks so much,
That it’s beyond any limits.
When I am out of everything,
It acts like a summits.
With tears it fills,
Makes me even smile.
Wakes me at the midnight,
With horror apart of mile.
Imagination contacts,
Each thoughts gets life.
My subconscious mind awakes,
Which my brains ignore in live.

My subconscious mind.

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  1. mariya Rai says:

    Hi there, I love your blog! I wanted to use your picture of the flying girl in red could you tell me if this is yours and if I would be allowed to use it for my website?


    1. jyoti7208 says:

      Hey dear, thank you so much for liking my blog. N I would like to tel u that ur free to use any of the pics from here as some are from web n others hv being clicked… but not an issue.. your free to use it… 🙂


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