Am just tired of being used..!

Right now I am feeling like I am used,
When no one to talk or when your moods are fused,
You need me all that time,
And I am always there for you,
Without any excuse.
I make you smile,
I de-stress you cries,
Hearing all the crap of your,
With an supportive eyes.
I pamper,
I joke,
When its not effective,
I even behave like a mock.

But it hurts at the time,
When you’ll behave like this,
When your issues are done,
Your treat me like this.
Its irritates me more,
When you do comparing.

No credits I wanted,
No praises in return,
Only smiles of yours was my wish.
Each day I can be rocking for you,
If you respect me for what I did.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. aditi29 says:

    d way you described it felt like written by me good 1!


    1. jyoti7208 says:

      thanyou so much aditi!!!
      it means we are filled up with same thoughts.
      will be pleased to see you again.
      keep visiting and welcome on my world of poems filled with emotions…


      1. aditi29 says:

        yup sure ! you write well 🙂


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