“The WAIT”


Floating in the tides of your love,
Fighting each layers to rise upon.
Misunderstandings misleaded emotions,
Broken trust widely growing on.

Words expressed,
Emotions distressed,
You decided to leave….
When I was following your asserts.

Years of attachments,
Made my hopes grew strong,
I known you have gone far….
But definitely still there us nothing wrong.

Each sunrises… fills me with your presence.
Each nightlife…. surrounds me with your essence.
Your words still echo in my ears,
Your sights still picturized into my eyes,
Your touch still runs deep down my soul,
Your love will always be waiting for your call.

“The Wait…” one day will be tired with my wait,
That day once again you will be my date.
Days as it passes…. its making me stronger within,
Your memories inside me…. makes me fall me love with you again and again..!!!

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