Memories remain till the last breath…!

“Just remember, you cant put your arms around a memories,
So hug someone you love, today.”
   This is what really touched my heart.

The way you made me laugh,
I still remember the days that passed.
The way you looked into my eyes,
Your gaze still remain deep in dark.
Uplifting words,
Unending cares,
Enormously shares,
Never-ending emotions,
Unconditional love,
It was just you and me!!!
The way you holded my hands,
I still feel your touch on it.
The way you hugged me,
each time we met,
Your arms are still stuck and accordingly set.
The way you spent each minutes with me,
Each second even today are still present with me.

The way you left me smiling alone,
You may be disclosed and far away,
But your memories will remain till the last breath.

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