Me??? Without You!!!- Impossible

From the moment you are gone,
Nothing seems interesting any long.
All the dates might have changed,
Time has been stuck to that phase till now.

Passed moments comes alive,
When you were near and insight.
I wear your smell along with me,
You are still the same in me.

Me breathing here only for “you”.
You are living there alone… only for “me”.
Your smiles are my doses to be alive,
My tears are your misses and cries.

Distance and milestons apart,
“You and Me” still can never depart.
Let it be you don’t contact me,
May it be you will always live in me.

Me…. so far,  so miles away,
You…. still deep and down within.
Sun may rise without it’s lights one day,
But  Me??? Without You!!- Impossible..

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