Within the depression….. An hope lies!!!


Crushed down, betrayed either,
Sheds of tears prevailed neither.
Bucketful of thoughts washed away with the pain,
Hand full of desires drained away with the rain.

Within the mid-est….an hope lies,
Dreams covered with sand,
                   fails to hears the cries.
The red heat burning all the trust,
Still the lights spread around,
                    moving away the dust.

Within the depression….. an hope lies,
Dumping all the worries,
                    stepping towards the flies.
World’s words echo within the veins,
Bloods gushing through it,
                    trying to clear away.

Sparks of the rays streaming all the way long,
Emptied heart inside me,
           shading it’s darkness prolonged.
Nothing to lose….. nor efforts to gain,
Still the loneliness inside me,
                  creeping to get insane.

Within the darkness…. an hope lies,
Uncovering all the shades of liveliness,
Engulfing all the egos, angre and pride within it, untill it dies.

Within each crys…. an hope lies,
Tears slide out but within,
                the emotions retrieves….

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